Duracell has always helped kids to play with their toys for longer. Enabling their imagination to go further. We wanted to test our products to the limits, by honoring the achievements of those throughout history who changed the world by dreaming further.

Now, we honour Bertha Benz. In 1888, Bertha drove with her sons Richard and Eugen in the newly constructed Patent Motorwagen Model 3, from Mannheim to Pforzheim in Germany.

Driving 106 km over wagon tracks, with no permission from the authorities and without telling her husband, she became the first person to drive an automobile over a real distance, opening the doors for the modern car industry, as we know it nowadays.

In 2016, we woke up really early, just like Bertha Benz did. And with a radio-controlled toy car and regular household batteries we drove over the same historical route she once drove. On a single charge.

In the process, we broke a world record – greatest distance by a battery powered radio-controlled model car on a single charge. A well-deserved achievement for a brand that makes toys last longer. Much longer.

The Numbers

Toy Car

Guinness World Record

Greatest distance by a battery
powered RC model car on a single charge.
officially amazing.